Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

What our Loyal Raving Fans are Saying:

Sue LawrenceThanks to the SACAT program, I started the year with a goal to make a living from my writing. I wrote an SAP and read it regularly. Whoosh! I have my first book coming out in the spring and I’ve just landed two…read that TWO research/writing gigs. I was just speaking with my new colleagues and they are so funny, kind and wise. Perfect for me. Thanks to the SACAT Community for your love and support. Lots of love to all.” – Sue Lawrence

“I created a program that takes people from feeling like a victim to being a powerful co-creator with their body.

Busy Bees Fall 2014In my early twenties, I found a way to heal my obsession with food through meditation and letting go of unhelpful and limiting perspectives about me and my body. Since then, I’ve known I had a gift to share with others to help them transform their relationship with food and their bodies so you can live a more happy, healthy, and prosperous life. I feel like Jan and Alan were the perfect ‘coaching midwives’ I needed to support me in giving birth to my Love Your Body Blueprint™ and launch my Love Your Body Challenge. The SACAT program helped me pull it out from the depths of my being, even though I had doubts and was  ready to give up many times. I’m deeply grateful for your coaching and to the entire SACAT Community supporting me in finally bringing this valuable tool into the world.” – Kara Sorensen – karsorensen.com

“Thanks to my SACAT training in Strategic Attraction™ Planning,  I surprised myself!

Linda MurrayWhen I started the SACAT program my aim was to attract the perfect participants to a workshop I was developing. The SACAT program  continues to surprise me in the variety of people being attracted into my life. One example is from when I recently attended a workshop being run in the building built by a remarkable young man.  The building is his vision come true…as a holistic centre for yoga, meditation and practitioners in a variety of healing modalities. This amazingly eco-friendly building won a prestigious Green Interior design award before being built! During the workshop as I was working with this young man, he happened to mention he would love to know how to get his ideal clients. Thanks to my SACAT training in Strategic Attraction™ Planning,  I surprised myself with having the confidence to speak up and say “I can help you with that”! He is now my SAP training partner. Without attending the SACAT program, I would have let this opportunity pass me by and have totally missed out on such a great win-win business relationship that is offering mutual ongoing  benefits to the both of us“. – Linda Murray  – Balancing Your Life: Animal/Soul/Soil Relationships

WOW! That SACAT program has helped me break-through and break-out.

Christina Boyano“For years I have had it in my heart that I am so much more than “just” a Chiropractor. I have studied a vast array of Chiropractic, healing, and energetic modalities; developed my intuitive abilities, and become a wellness coach. My big goal for the SACAT program was to have a break-through, break-out year in my Chiropractic and Wellness business. I should have known that in order to have that happen I had to change a lot of what has been going on inside of me! I found the Strategic Attraction™ plan to be a wonderful tool to allow me to quickly go in and find where I am blocking myself, make the shift, and move on. Interesting, as a healing facilitator, that is exactly what I teach my perfect customers to do! I partner with my clients to become healthy and lead purposeful lives, not just eliminate their pain. The Strategic Attraction™ plan is a perfect complement to the work I do with my clients and within myself.” – Christina Boiano, DC – Leading-edge Chiropractor and Founder of Inner Rhythms Wellness and Santa Fe Wellness Center, Santa Fe NM

I can’t put a price on what happened; It was the greatest gift of my life!

Victoria Travis“I purchased the Perfect Customers SACAT Plus Mastery Coaching package because I wanted to expand my executive recruiter and career coaching services, however, I never could have anticipated that choosing my 18 year old grandson as a ‘training partner’ would produce such a remarkable, deep, mature, connection with him. I can’t put a price on what happened. I shared the Strategic Attraction™ plan for attracting his perfect debating team partner. It was like the greatest gift of my life when he said, with a smile on his face, “Grandma thank you for doing this, I Can’t wait for our next session”. It was so beautiful, he got like 5 eureka’s! This is the experience you want to have with any relationship you want to grow.” – Victoria Lee Travis, M.S., CPC President Travis and Associates

I couldn’t have done it without the connection to this amazing community of lighthouses!

Michelle Manning Kogler“I now have a new guidance, and a new direction for my work, and it has been sourced from having the support and connection with the positive energy available to me in the SACAT program. It has been a really interesting journey both up and down and back up. I have had this massive breakthrough, shifting through the old paradigm of fear and hate that has been on the news lately, to this new place, which for me, is resonating with pure love and the power of that love to shift and change lives. I don’t think I could have done it without the connection to this amazing community of lighthouses projecting light and love into the world.” – Michelle Manning-Kogler – Quantum Soul Clearing

Jille Bartolome“I first read the Perfect Customers book in 2001, and I’ve always stood firm in the lighthouse metaphor introduced in that book, however, since joining the SACAT program 12 weeks ago, I have connected with Strategic Attraction™ planning, and this group, at such a profound core level that it has helped me become ultimately clear that the Universe is my provider – I just have to have the courage to express what I truly want and believe that I can have it. Since registering for the SACAT program, I have been invited to speak in London, I have attracted a super mastermind group, watched my husband graduate college after 22 years of part time study, created 3 online training’s that are selling like hot cakes, and in the last month I have doubled my income.” – Jille Bartollome MCC – The Inner Beauty Institute

I Really Can ATTRACT My Perfect Customers!

Mark Porteous“The most powerful feature of the SACAT program, for me, has been gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing what I really want from a deep inspired connection. Two weeks ago I was refining Step One of my Strategic Attraction™ plan, and I realized that a quality of my perfect customer is that they recognize me as their perfect mentor and they approach me. Previously I would have said that was impossible, however, I had the courage to write it on my Attraction Plan anyway. Last week, I was on a J.V. call with someone I was really excited to partner with, and after the call she sent me an email saying she was called/inspired to work with me and she asked if we could do a discovery session! I have to tell you… it is such a relief and feels so good to know that I really can ATTRACT my perfect customers.” – Mark Porteous – The Inspired Messengers Network

Community Bank Logo“I just wanted to thank you for your services. Your systematic approach easily teaches to stay on track, attract desired clients, and feel self-fulfilled. You were instrumental in my team discovering that success is within themselves. Additionally, by working with you, several areas of our loan department have been positively impacted, such as: team building, team communication, sales & marketing systems being put in place, there is an increase in sales activity, and closings are up. Overall, the team morale is more positive and we have a clear direction of where to go next. Great Work!” – Jim Byrd – Vice President – Commercial Lending – Community Bank

It’s not JUST a good business training….

Sonia Choquette“In your trainings you are actually serving as a support and a model for people, how to live a heart-centered life and business. You are not just telling others to live it. You are living it. Your training shows that it is a constant, energetic check-in and process of mindfulness.

But you have to tell them that. Unless they’re already well on their way to becoming a more enlightened being, they’re going to go – Well, I just got this really good business training.

You need to say it on your website – You need to say – This is about personal evolution.
You have to say – We are going to personally evolve your consciousness to a higher level of functioning which will be reflected in your professional experience.

You are not here to argue for your merit anymore. You are just using what you know, and
they are either on board or they’re not there yet.” – Sonia Choquette – Global Transformational Visionary Guide. http://www.soniachoquette.com

“You’ll be inspired by how quickly this process works!”

Jack CanfieldThe Strategic Attraction™ Planning Process is causing a worldwide shift in how business owners develop their sales and marketing teams to attract and retain customers that are a perfect fit for the company. You will be inspired, enlightened, and encouraged by how quickly this process works.” – Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc.

Marci Shimoff 5HUGE thanks for our time together yesterday. I absolutely loved the process and am feeling so happy, optimistic and clear about my future with my perfect twin flame/life partner (yes, happy for GOOD reason). I love all the processes I have done, and sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to be open to seeing new things, however your Attraction planning process was unique and powerful. And you are masterful. I feel so much gratitude for your brilliance and your generous support of me. – Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times bestselling author, Speaker and Global Transformational Leader.
Janet AttwoodJanet AttwoodI just love Jan and Alan so much and I am thrilled that we have the intention to be doing more things together because I feel that there is such a great flow and connection between the Passion Test and the Attraction Planning process. Together they create a perfect energetic marriage that not only supports people in living a passionate life, it supports me in fulfilling one of my top passions which is to totally transform the statistics of people in this world living a passionate life. – Janet Attwood – Co-Author of NY Times Best Seller – The Passion Test
Chris AttwoodThe ability to attract what we want in life is the result of our clarity about who we are. Strategic Attraction™ Planning works because it helps anyone who uses it become clear about who they are and what they really want.”– Chris Attwood – Co-author of NY Times Best Seller The Passion Test
It gave me peace of mind in my personal life and that created a focus for my business.

Cheri ValentineI loved that the focus of the SACAT program wasn’t just on business but the whole person. That really helped me open up. I had been going through a divorce at the time I came into the SACAT program.

So I actually used the Strategic Attraction Plan to create a vision for attracting my perfect husband. It helped me create peace of mind in my personal life and put the pieces together resulting in an amazing man who is now my husband, and a clear focus for my business as an Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Relationship Coach, I now use the SAP to help people discover THEIR source of health, happiness, love, spirit, and strength – www.cherivalentine.com

Eva GregoryI met Jan many many years ago and actually brought her on my radio show to talk about her work and fell in love with her and what she’s up to in the world. So much so that I became a certified Strategic Attraction coach!
If you’re like me and the thought of sales and marketing make your cringe, you need to talk to Jan. She is a master at helping heart-centered entrepreneurs share their gifts and talents in a way that is easy, joyful and authentic…which is extremely attractive! 🙂 Jan is the real deal. If you’re considering working with her in ANY capacity, I say run do not walk. You’ll be soooo glad you did! Love you, Jan!” – Eva Gregory
We’ve been using it for ourselves and with our clients for years!

Randy and KarenWe first learned about the benefits of the Strategic Attraction™ planning tool at The Passion Test training.  It’s so valuable a tool that it is part of the curriculum for those becoming a Passion Test Facilitator.

The SACAT: Strategic Attraction™ Certification And Training program has a double benefit too…..you can use it to get more clear and focused about your own life and business and who your perfect customer is, AND become certified and share this tool with your clientele. It’s an immediate return on your investment – one new PERFECT customer or client could pay for your whole training. It’s a good business training, yes!  and it’s way more too. – Randy and Karen – Quantum Leap Coaching

Lynette Lim SHOE QUEENI came across Jan’s work through a friend who is a certified BEE-ing Attraction facilitator here in Singapore.

By doing the 4 step Strategic Attraction™ Plan process in the Bee-ing Attraction book, I’ve “attracted” my perfect employees, customers, even relationships or favorable outcomes to a difficult situation! Time and time again, when I hit a cross road in my life, I find using this process helps me to face the situations with greater clarity and ease. I would certainly recommend Jan for the outstanding work that she does!
Lynette Lim Chief Shoe Queen

Ken Keis“For the past 34 years CRG has been assisting individuals, families, teams, and organizations to realize their full potential, and to live On Purpose.  I have been recommending and using Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity as required reading and part of the curriculum for all CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshops and participants for the past decade. The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process aligns with CRG’s proprietary development models, while adding value and a model to embrace powerful universal principles in a way that everyone personally or in an organization, can immediately apply and benefit from – both short and long-term.”  Ken Keis, MBA, CPC Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Master Trainer of  CRG’s Holistic Assessment System.

Closed a $10,000 Sale after 1 Coaching Appointment

Judy Katz5

After my first Coaching appointment with Jan I closed a $10,000 sale!  My business needed her expert eyes to help me see what I had in front of me and with that renewed confidence, I was able to identify my perfect fit client and immediately closed this large sale.  I’ve had the joy of working with clientele that ARE A PERFECT FIT and my business has grown since then.  I have the exact number of new clients that I want — who are paying my fees.  A big PLUS is that I am enjoying my business in a new way since working with Jan.” — Judy Katz / Life by Design[/div]

Lola LoveIt was a great pleasure working with Jan Stringer, and learning the Attraction Planning process. Jan’s program provided me with tools, skills and techniques that empowered me to identify what makes me tick and get clear about what I am truly passionate about. This knowledge and the super effective program that Jan created, and her masterful facilitation enabled me to focus on what I want in life including perfect customers and clients, opportunities and relationships. Jan’s super cool, calm and ease of relating to me and my desire to attract perfect clients awakened me to all of the abundant possibilities that are available to me, now that I have the knowledge & desire of BEE-ing Attractive. Working with Jan was awesome! Thank you Jan for your amazing program and the ease, grace & joy you radiated throughout the course.” – Lola Love – Consultant & Coach (CEO, Founder & Owner) at LHB Consulting & Coaching
Lynn Robinson“Intuition, signs, and gut feelings let you know when you are in true alignment with your business goals –  Perfect Customers  shows you how to tap into this inner wisdom to help you attract success.” – Lynn A. Robinson, author of Trust Your Gut and Divine Intuition.
“Client Wrote Me A Check For $5000”!

Janice ChristopherJanice ChristopherAfter the coaching session, I had a difficult time sleeping that evening. Something in me began to shift as I started having a different conversation with myself and then with several of my clients. The next day, I was meeting with a prospective client and noticed I was BEE-ing different. I was listening in a new way, and he actually took out his checkbook and wrote me a check for $5,000 and approved my agreement on the spot. – Janice Christopher.

Dave PatrickI have known Jan for several years since reading her excellent book ‘Perfect Customers’. The use of “strategic synchronicity” in business planning and development can have a profound impact on business effectiveness and customer growth and satisfaction. Jan was also a valued contributor to my first book as Editor, ‘The View: From Conan Doyle to Conversations With God’ (Polair Publishing, 2009). – Dave Patrick – Author – Nairn, Scotland, UK”
Alexis Neely 1The Strategic Attraction™ Planning tool has not only helped me to clarify and focus my business to provide more value and service to my clients, but has also kept me consistently thinking in the right frame of mind for clarity and peace in the rest of my life. – Alexis Neely – Truth-Telling Lawyer & Evolutionary Strategist

Robert Allen 2
“It brings perfect customers right to your door.”

Attracting Perfect Customers provides a simple and effective tool for bringing perfect customers right to your door and web site. Don’t wait a minute more to create your own “Strategic Attraction™ Plan.” — Robert Allen, co-author of the #1 mega-best-seller One Minute Millionaire and author of Multiple Streams of Income

Franciska Moores-DekkerI worked with Jan to understand how who “I am be-ing” relates to what is occurring in my life and business, and how I can work with that understanding easily to influence results in my life. Jan is a warm and very wise woman with great knowledge and experience about creating and growing business, with perfect customers.” – Franciska Moors

Jan and I met well over a decade ago in a seminar in Houston, Texas. She and I have engaged with each other as friends and clients over the years. Her programs have helped me identify core values of my company and also the types of clients I am most interested in serving.Jan continues to strengthen and evolve her personal life along with her business. She is an expert in her field who continues to explore, expand and develop.” – Judy Morris – Owner at Feng Shui Research Center, USA

Julia 5 short
Thanks to your coaching me how to be in relationship with my numbers, for the first time I feel in charge of my business. I’ve had the largest sales in one month in the history of my business.  Your coaching has transformed my design studio into a Magical Marketing Mecca!  Thank you Perfect Customers – Julia Stege / Magical Marketing

Brad Yates 3I’ve known Jan for quite some time – and known of her fantastic work for even longer. I’ve always been impressed with her vision, compassion and integrity. She’s also a lot of fun to work with.” –  Brad Yates

Sharon Gill“This program gets you out of the chaos.”

Growing up as a child in Mumbai, India I was fascinated by the ethereal, colorful saris worn by my mother and I decided that one day I would become a fashion designer and dress beautiful, elegant women. Many years later I was working as a designer and collaborating with companies like Jones NY, Liz Claiborne, and the Gap, and I decided to take the brave step out and create my own line of attractive clothes that function in the real world, however, like so many women entrepreneurs, somehow, in all the chaos, I lost my connection to my passion. The Perfect Customers training got me out of the chaos and re-connected me with the vision I had as a child.You could say it produced a complete turn-around. I am tuned in to my inner Goddess like I was when I was five and expressing my Passion, Joy, and Fulfillment from within through my business; empowering other Women/Goddesses in business, and transforming the world through my new line of Goddess Clothing for Women Who Work in the Real World. – Sharon Gill – SharonGillNYC.com

Mari Smith 2011I’ve been passionately raving about Attracting Perfect Customers to my Social Media and Relationship Marketing clients for many years. I encourage all of them to buy your book because I just love that you have such wonderful energy; it’s apparent you love what you do and that is the model that translates perfectly into business owners being outrageously successful in the new world of social media with heart, soul and integrity to make a bigger difference on the planet. It translates perfectly into business owners being outrageously successful.”– Mari Smith – Thought Leader, Spiritual truth-seeking, bubbly Scottish-Canadian

Beth LefevreI met Jan at a Passion Test Certification event. I had already been using the information from her book, Attracting Perfect Customers and was thrilled to meet her. I am a strategist in building peoples businesses and Jan’s work is an absolute must for ALL of my clients. Not only do I get my perfect customers, so do my customers!” – Beth Lefevre – Master Trainer at Passion Test Facilitator and Executive Director at Master Life Inc.

I did several workshops and a retreat / training program with Jan. Her programs made a huge difference for my life and my business. They helped me see things from a different perspective and introduced a whole new way of doing a business plan. Jan is warm and caring and she is passionate about what she does!” – Mariaemma Willis

Raul Smith- wWe are now $556,000.00 in the black financially!”

Your Perfect Customers Wisdom works wonders… when you let it work for you. My business was going under. Sometimes when starting a new business you think that anyone is a customer. I had the conections and the lowest prices, however, I wasn’t closing the deals. After getting your concept that not every customer is a perfect fit for me, I stepped up to the plate and totally turned the way I do business around. I started a new company with $100 and now 15 months later (even in these tough times), our business has grown in ways I could never have expected. I checked with the accountant and we are now $556,000.00 in the black financially– and my personal life with my wife Patty is more energized, passionate, and full of love than ever before. – Raul Smith

Rachel Jayne GrooverJan H. Stringer  is one of the wisest, most grounded business women I know. Her passion to support people attract their perfect customers comes through in everything she does. Jan has a brilliant mind, generous heart, and a wealth of insight.” –  Rachael Jayne Groover

Maria CarterI transformed into a more powerful magnetically-centered woman. 

My passion is to make a difference in the world through Love, one woman, one family at a time, and using your Attraction Planning process I transformed into a more powerful magnetically-centered woman. I attract incredible people and opportunities to me. I revitalized my existing relationships–the Process drew out ‘perfect’ qualities of my husband and 2 teenagers. My life is richer and fuller. Devour it! Your life will never be the same again. To your prosperity! – Maria Carter – CEO of Fall In Love With Your Life

Jan PayneOne of my all time favorite books is still Attracting Perfect Customers – the law of attraction in action!

Writing down the attributes of your perfect customer is so powerful and it works! Jan truly walks the walk – if you get a chance to work with her – take it!!” – Jan Payne

Betty HealyJan excels at coaching others to ‘their brilliance’. I have been both a coaching client and co-facilitator of Jan’s Strategic Attraction Planning Program. This program, which shakes up the exisiting paradigm of marketing, has changed my approach to business and has had a significant impact on my results. I am one of many who have experineced these results. She is a tru visionary, challenging traditional business approaches and getting results. – Betty Healy – Principal at Road Signs

Doug Upchurch“We experienced a 266% growth rate in one year.”

“Within 2 months of signing up …, clients started coming out of the woodwork and we experienced a growth rate in our business of just over 266% in one year. I’m so grateful for the experiences, coaching, and life-changing transformation that I received. It helped me see the CEO  leadership lighthouse within me.” – Doug Upchurch, CEO North America, Insights Learning & Development

Andrea Henning1Jan and her vision of Attracting Perfect Customers and heart-centerd-ness in business is groundbreaking! The importance of who you are being and her guidance into this can change your life! Jan is BEE-ing what she teaches!” –  Andrea Henning – Tiara International LLC, Women Leading Inspiring Lives

Brian Tracey“This is an incredibly insightful book with amazingly practical applications. The power of applying Law of Attraction principles in business is a creative concept that anyone can use to grow, and achiever their business goals faster, with less effort, and with greater predictability. Wow!” – Brian Tracy – Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International

Kate Ludeman“Attracting Perfect Customers completely disrupts the time-valued notion that ‘business is war’ and to win we must survive in a competitive world. Instead, this landmark process actively engages business owners and employees to create a new model for doing business – a model based on clarity, creativity, collaboration, and abundance.” – Kate Ludeman, PH.D., President, Worth Ethic Corporation and co-author of ‘The Corporate Mystic’

Donna WalkerBefore the Perfect Customers 5 in 5 program I was used to struggling. For example, I thought I knew who a perfect customer was for me, however, I think I was struggling because I was holding onto lots of clients who were not ready to commit, and that really wasn’t  perfect for me. After the 5 in 5 program, I feel more in my personal power. I am communicating what I need in a mutually empowering way, and I have three more clients in the pipeline who are fun and I love working with. Plus I just wrote a contract over the weekend for a customer who came in, got pre-qualified, looked at 6 homes and chose the one that was perfect for him. Now that’s attractive! – Donna Walker – Keller Williams

Robin Brown“I feel fortunate to have worked with the Perfect Customers Program. Upon logging in, the modules are easily accessible and the learning materials truly guided me through the “process”. The Special Attractive Action Bonuses, like Tap O’ the Mornin’ with Brad Yates I found to be especially valuable. I just reviewed my notes from the BOLD Class I attended at Keller Williams, and I noticed this quote in my notes. “We do not attract that which we want, we attract that which we are”. The Perfect Customers program is in perfect alignment with that and it has had quite a drastic positive change in my ‘inner game’ of calling, networking, sales, and marketing. My partner and I just closed a 1.1 million dollar contract! No matter where your business is, or how you want to grow it in the year ahead, the Perfect Customers program will support you in getting where you want to go.” – Robin Brown – Keller Williams Realty – Santa Fe

Lise KnouseAs a Keller Williams Real Estate Agent I receive some of the best business coaching in the world. Sometimes I get flooded with business and feel overwhelmed. At that point it is hard to embrace all the new training I receive.

The Attracting Perfect Customers program is in perfect alignment with my Keller Williams coaching. It has added value with a new technology that has allowed me to be more awake and aware when I am feeling overwhelmed. I am learning to take the “Attractive Actions” I need to have the energy to close more sales. This is good because right now I have just closed 4 contracts, have 3 more contracts moving toward closing, am working on 3-4 new listings and am currently working with 5 active buyers. – Lise Knouse – Keller Williams Realty Santa Fe

Machen P. Mcdonald“Attracting Perfect Customers, in my estimation, is an indisputable truth. It has propelled my career and life on several levels.  I am sure once you  read it you will consider it a MUST  READ for anybody looking to grow their business and live the life they truly want for themselves.”-  Machen MacDonald, CCSC , Pro Brilliance Leadership Institute

Gerry Myers“Attracting Perfect Customers is a step-by-step approach to increasing  your happiness, as well as your profitability and success in business. It encourages entrapreneurs to focus attention on the positive aspects of their businesses, their customers, and their employees rather than dwelling on the negatives. I was encouraged to identify my perfect customers and then strive to attract others who have those traits. A very provocative concept.”– Gerry Myers CEO, President and Co-founder, Advisory Link

Judi Neal“Call it magnetic, attraction or just EASY marketing – this is pure wisdom.”

“You can light a fire on top of your place of business and people will notice you. Or you can light a fire in your heart and people will come to you. When you lead from your heart, clients are attracted to you. Call it magnetic marketing, attraction marketing, or just easy marketing. It’s pure wisdom and this book lights the way to it.”

“PerfectCustomers, Inc. is the perfect example of a company that exemplifies the values and practices of an enlightened organization.  They offer programs that are based on Universal Principles and grounded in practical business reality, and they get results!  The founders practice what they preach as they develop unique relationships with all the people and organizations that they serve. PerfectCustomers Inc. operates from the highest integrity, with great professionalism, and with generosity and heart.  Buy the book Attracting Perfect Customers, take their programs, and watch your life and your business transform joyfully.”- Judi Neal, Edgwalkers, author, speaker, coach and consultant

Lee Chalmers“In 10 minutes, 5 people had hired me.”

I gave a 10-minute presentation this morning on goal setting and did my closing sentence based on your Wizard’s advice. Of 30 people there, 5 hired me immediately. This is powerful stuff!” – Lee Chalmers, London, England

Jeanna Gabellini“Your phone just starts ringing with perfect customers.”

“The Perfect Customers Training is a perfect combo of inner shifts and outer actions. Most of our clients get instant results … They’re amazed how quickly their phones start ringing with perfect clients and allies.” Jeanna Gabellini – MasterPeace Coaching

Howard Cohn 2“Profound changes are occurring in my business and in my life.”

“After creating my first Strategic Attraction™ Plan, I was so impressed with the growth in my patent and trademark practice that I enrolled in the Six Day Visionary Leadership program. I can’t say enough about the profound changes that have occurred from my work with Perfect Customers.” – Howard Cohn, Patent and Trademark Attorney

Sheri Fermanich“Now, I simply attract buyers.”

I like the business application and concrete aspect of writing a Strategic Attraction™ Plan and I am using it in my real estate business. Now, I’m selling homes effortlessly and everyone at the table is happy. It’s simply the result of attracting the buyer by using your Wizard’s Planning Process.” – Sheri Fermanich, Realtor

Lisa Brady 2“I’ve built an entirely new business based on my authentic self.”

“The Perfect Customers Training was a godsend. I had been dreaming about a program that would help me build an entirely new business that was authentically aligned with my highest self. I knew that had to be the foundation for anything new in my life and it delivered. – Lisa Miles Brady

Richard Barrett“A soulful approach to marketing yourself, your company and what you love to do best. Essential reading for those who want to bring their spirituality to work.” – Richard Barrett, Business Consultant, Author  “Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization.”

Brooke Emery5Just being in person with Jan and Alan for a day is worth the price of admission. Something magical happens when you are in Jan and Alan’s inner circle, especially at retreats. They have not offered something like this in years and it’s a big gift that you can give yourself.  I have made some of the best connections through this and in fact some have become my soul family. I even went to Italy to attend a Wedding of my new found sister. Did I mention fun? They are fun and committed to your success and will cheer you on until you get there.  It’s a no brainer. I can’t wait to hear how much you LOVED it!” – Brooke Emery

Jane Bell FlowerAfter 30 years of success I was ready to sell my business and go on a permanent vacation. The Perfect Customers Training opened me into a whole new love affair with my business and the possibility that I could attract customers who, like me, are committed to regular, conscious attunement and communication with the healing relationship between humans and nature, and a world that for me is full of love, inspiration, practical wisdom, and everyday magic. Thank you!!!! – Jane Bell – Essences Healing in Partnership With Nature

Robert Bylette“What I didn’t even anticipate a few weeks ago is here.”

I’m really buzzing this morning, just received an email confirming that I’ve just been engaged to deliver a major project for a client. This takes me half way toward my financial goal for this year. This is something I didn’t anticipate a few weeks ago. The project is perfect for me; it plays to all my strengths. How perfect is that? – Robert Bylette, UK

Gayle DillonPerfect Customers is helping me fulfill on my life-long vision. Jan has great intuition and insight on how to attract YOUR perfect customers. I really enjoy working with Jan and Alan as my Attracting Perfect Customers (ECSL Community Members) Mastery coaches. With Jan’s coaching we are implementing – “I’m so glad you’re here” – as part of our Sunday morning service. She ROCKS!!” –  Gayle Dillon – Spiritual Leader and Founding Minister at Everyday Center for Spiritual Living – Santa Fe New Mexico

Patty Walters“Everything is completely different now.”

I don’t even recognize what my life looked like when I began this program! I’ve relocated and am continuously Attracting My Perfect Environment. I’ve attracted great support and totally transformed my life, which is at the heart of what makes me tick. I’m stepping into collaboration with people here in Santa Fe and amazing new opportunities are presenting themselves. I’ve relied on my intuition a lot more, and I am stepping into my greatness and making a living doing what I love. – Patty Walters – Rock Star Business Coach

Rick Stoddard“Reading the book, Attracting Perfect Customers is great, experiencing the teleseminars is eventful, but participating in the Perfect Customers Strategic Attraction™ program was one of the most impactful experiences of my life.  The program has provided a perfect vehicle to achieve clarity and alignment with the relationships in my life.  I highly recommend the Perfect Customers program if you are looking for a foundational piece to create a new way of being and action.” – Rick Stoddard, Arizona

Jill Friedman Fixler“Thanks to the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process  I have tripled my business!”

I use the Bee-ing Attraction Planning process every day in my nonprofit management consulting business and I have tripled my business!  – Jill Friedman Fixler, Principal, JFFixler & Associates

Laura HowardII“I see evidence all the time for me and my clients of using the Perfect Customers Attraction Principles to attract the perfect clients and opportunities! We’re living proof that business can be enjoyable and, in fact, I think it makes you more attractive when you are enjoying yourself!” — Laura Howard – joyfulmarketing

Sam Dean“I received your book last week. Since creating my Strategic Attraction™ Plan on Thursday morning, I have received three new paying clients, with a fourth all but signed up. Another client has returned to complete her coaching. That’s at least £2,400 worth of new coaching revenue, and it’s only Tuesday morning!  Now, I am recognising how many of the qualities of my perfect client are naturally present in my current clients. I have a far clearer picture of what my marketing is seeking to achieve now. I am thoroughly looking forward to the next stage of my coaching career. Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration.” — Sam Deane

Stacy RyanI just read Attracting Perfect Customers this weekend, and my excitement level today even has my boss excited! In determining who my perfect customers are, I came up with an idea to prevent/minimize a technical issue with our customers. I wish I had a picture of my boss’ face when I told him the idea. Definitely a ‘priceless’ moment! And I’m looking forward to many more.” – Stacy Ryan, Queen of Cards

Jerry Hocutt“After 10 years as a sales trainer, I couldn’t agree more with the guidelines provided by the Perfect Customers Strategic Attraction™ philosophy. They actually show us how to re-focus our train of thought when it comes to selling from the usual “how to find more customers” to the approach of “attracting the perfect customer to us”. These techniques prove that not only will we increase sales, but we will be able to service, retain, and provide an enjoyable sales environment for everyone.”  – Jerry Hocutt – Foot In The Door

Patricia Ogilvie“I have participated in many workshops and training programs over the course of this past year. However, participating in the Perfect Customers Attraction Planning process was the first time that, after completion, I felt genuinely sincere that I deserved the outcom I imagined, and when an unconscious stray ‘pin prick’ thought of sabotage showed up to burst my balloon of excitement, as they always will, I now feel I have something I can use to support me in moving forward. I feel blessed and for this I thank you for the gift of the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process.” –  Patricia Ogilvie – Web Writer for Speakers Trainers Coaches

Sammy Chong“IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a certified coach and I was afraid to raise my fees. After learning the Attracting Perfect Customers principles I raised me fees 40%. Now I work less and get paid what I am worth. AND I am attracting new perfect customers all the time. The most exciting part is attracting my perfect customers has allowed me to be so juiced and excited working with them.” — Samy Chong CPCC

Christopher Todd“I have a new lease on life.”

I’m enjoying this whole new Perfect Customers process of getting what makes me tick. What makes me tick is being A Leader of Movement Magic and Magically Moving! I just finished a job interview, and I applied what I learn to the interview. I was a ‘lighthouse’ radiating my new ‘BEE-ing’. I must have done something right, they want me to do a demonstration at their main facilities. – Christopher Todd – Movement Magic

Bruce Rhymer“$5,000 on the spot!”

I offer a three part program and I usually have a 50% step up rate. Since I started learning the Attracting Perfect Customers program I’ve significantly increased my ‘step’ rate! In fact, the next day after listening to your webinar, I was meeting with a prospective client and noticed I was different as I listened. From just one webinar I had shifted in such a way that he actually took out his checkbook and wrote me a check for $5,000 and approved my agreement on the spot.  – Bruce Rhymer, BC Canada

Do you want more customers?

Paul HuffNot just customers, but PERFECT customers, the exact kind you want? Attracting Perfect Customers is an incredibly insightful book that will show you how to attract the perfect customer for your business (or your perfect employee, employer, business partner, or your perfect mate). I found this book to be totally fascinating, and am personally using these simple but very effective methods with terrific results. I am simply blown away by the power of the process that these very smart ladies have apparently been teaching their clients to use for years. We’ve often talked about the Law of Attraction in the EPP Report, and this book brings it to a new level in Attracting The Perfect Customer.
You may think that basing a business approach on the Law of Attraction is a little too new-agey. Don’t! You’ll find this book easy to read, very well written and hard to put down. You will be wowed, inspired and encouraged by how quickly this process works. If you need more customers (the right kind), BUY THIS BOOK NOW! I’m betting you’ll also be buying copies for everyone in your organization.–  Paul Huff

Annette Hunner 2“I noticed that by looking at what I was sharing I got more clear who I want to share with. One of the things I most liked was seeing the reflection of myself in all of you.”
“I am changing the direction of my work to being more fulfilling for me. Part of my challenge has been focusing in on who my perfect client/audience is and how to share what I have to offer. The Virtual Retreat really clarified that for me. The process of working on and presenting my share (which is soooo much clearer now), hearing the “shares” of the others and working with my partner has brought me the insight and clarity I was looking for. Now that I know the process I have the flexibility of being able to adapt it to various situations.
I really enjoyed the feeling of connectedness and support from this group. I’m currently in Wizardess Training and will continue to treat myself to whatever other courses become available. I hope you can do the same for yourself. There is so much heart here. – With deep gratitude” – Annette Hunner

Erla CharlesEvery entrepreneur aspiring to operate at a higher level of attraction should read Attracting Perfect Customers! I have followed the steps as described in there, and it has been an amazing eye-opening experience for me. One of the things this first step has helped me to do is create a clear image of the kind of customers I am looking for. I had never thought about doing this before. How to attract the perfect qualities YOU want. This is not being taught anywhere else. I found out that I was spending too much time trying to help people who were NOT my perfect customers.  I stopped that. Now, I am attracting more perfect customers and I can Enjoy helping them. Good-bye stress! And it is so exciting to see that this technique actually works! My advice: Do this exercise!… and the following steps. – Erla Charles

Heather Loftiss These new contracts total $80,250!

“A few months ago I read a great book called “Attracting Perfect Customers,” which really resonated with me and inspired some huge transformations in my life. So I signed up for one of their Strategic Attraction™ planning courses. I simply cannot say how amazing this course was for me. In the last 60 days I have attracted 5 new clients and one new business venture. These new contracts total $80,250! The clients we are attracting are totally perfect for us – they are great people with exciting projects and a real passion for what we accomplish together. But the best part of the ‘Strategic Attraction’ process for me is the peace I feel in all areas of my life. I now KNOW who I truly am, where I am going in life, and how to get there.” — Heather Loftiss, Water Design Studio – In-House Design Chair, AIGA Houston

Hiett Ives“Stand and attract versus run and chase. The former, while a lot more gutsy and scary sure can pay off in the long run – and save a lot of others from running aground or even worse, sinking. Let us be our clients’ and prospects’ lighthouse.” – Hiett Ives, The Ives Group Houston

“I’m just so grateful. How could I know I was going to make friends, love and be loved, be touched so deeply, and move out of where I felt stuck around my creativity in this wonderful little soft, fuzzy container you guys create!  I didn’t realize I was going to get to participate in a community where we are all making decisions every day to think and BEE differently; to really create a life and a business that we truly want and really love! These Perfect Customers Attraction groups are an incredibly safe and loving spot to be, where I feel that I can bring ALL of me.  I certainly want a double scoop of that in my life! I would say that one of the things that I’ve gotten or created is reconnecting with my “joyful love bucket” self and bring more of that to my work with my clients. I’m grateful to everybody who I have gotten to BEE with.” – Toni Nell

The magic of life is in the moment and the learning“I attended a conference at which I was attracted to a break out session entitled “Attracting Perfect Customers”. At the time, I was looking to expand our personal development business but didn’t feel comfortable looking for  customers so the possibility of attracting them was just too good to miss. It worked for me immediately. After creating my first Strategic Attraction™ Plan, the ‘Signs of Land’ began to appear and then the Perfect Customers. I produced my best year ever! I now work in collaboration with Perfect Partners who share my values and approach. I also enjoy sharing the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process with my clients so that they too can learn to attract whatever is perfect for them in both business and life. It sits perfectly with the gentle leadership passion for inspiring achievement. Alongside the business benefits of taking part in the teleclasses, I have grown as a person. I am now confident enough to believe that I can be paid for who I am being – not for what I am doing. I love to wake each morning and think about who I will be during the day rather than what I need to do. I am confident about achieving my 100 year legacy – to establish the Gentleness Centre where our horses can help people reconnect with their own ancient wisdom and find true inspiration. If you can hear the joy as you read these words, then you will know what a difference being a part of the Attracting Perfect  Customers community has made to me.” – Beth Duff – The red horse speaks

Donna Markusen“My message and my audience became crystal clear to me.

“The whole experience of the Virtual Retreat was wonderful. The exercise of practicing with a partner allowed me to expand my thinking and become crystal clear – my Powerful Share is the reason why I am doing what I am doing. I loved the format, and the step by step process made it so easy. I learned something profound and new each day and every step of the way. Listening to each person’s Powerful Share, I realized that my personal life experience, when I express it authentically from my heart, really is powerful and valuable.

I would recommend this program to anyone. It will save you time, money, and frustration, and empower you, in a fun way, to create a compelling message that will move, motivate, and inspire others to remember you and want to know more.” – Donna Markussen

Joy Valentine“The whole process of the Six Steps To Developing a Powerful Share Virtual Retreat accelerated my personal awareness a thousand fold by helping me to identify the profound gift that I have received from the experience which constituted my ‘powerful share’. What I liked most about the retreat is that it gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of community and practice being truly authentic and vulnerable amidst people who are loving, accepting and validating. I loved listening to the recording of myself. I actually LIKED what I said, and, mostly, the way I said it!” – Joy Valentine

Bill McGrain“Attracting Perfect Customers will help you develop a clarity of purpose that will act like a laser to attract whatever you wish in your life.  As you engage in the process, you can get on a jet plane instead of walking or crawling to your destiny.  Caution – These tools will absolutely change your present  and future!” Linda & Bill McGrane – McGrane Institute, Inc. Developing People and Growing Business

J'en El“My name is J’en El. My very dear friend, Robert Allen, author of “One Minute Millionaire”, suggested I read Attracting Perfect Customers. It’s been extremely valuable. I now recommend it to everyone I know. I really appreciate the Perfect Customers perspective. It’s both basic and brilliant. I commend you for taking the time to make such a contribution to our world. If you are reading this, consider yourself one of the lucky few who have attracted this process.” – J’en El – Finding Comfort – Fortune’s Gate Intl

Nancy Cleary“I recommend Attracting Perfect Customers to all my clients because my perfect customers are authors who have read your book, and resonate with the Law of Attraction principles in it. Applying your Strategic Attraction™ process and principles makes my job so much easier because I know what I WANT my perfect author to expect of me” – Nancy Cleary – Whyatt-MacKenzie Publishing


Jan Wesdorf“I’ve known about the Strategic Attraction™ planning process for years and I have never followed through. The accountability and the daily E-reminders in the Attracting Perfect Customers Program has certainly allowed me to take it further. The dynamic energy of the group helped draw me in to be on the call verses listening to the recording a week later, and I got something for me and my business that I never would have on my own.” – Jan Wesdorf, DC.

Carol McKay“I am in greatful appreciation of the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process in today’s Attracting Perfect Customers class, because it just shook so much stuff loose in me hearing Jan and Alan going through that and I realized that the blocking I have done around referrals and money were very very similar to what Jan was surfacing and I also didn’t realize the fourth question of the plan was so much about BEING. I had a “to do list” really! Once you started talking about that it was more of a BEING list I just felt like … aaahhhh.” – Carol McKay – Life – Relationship – Happiness Coach

Beryl Striewski“The Attracting Perfect Customers philosophy has a lot of merit to it.  I want to attract a ‘more perfect for me’ clienteleI so I raised my prices – quite a bit in some instances… and I feel great! I am attracting customers who see me as a very successful photographer, very competent, talented In addition to that, I’ve entered into partnership with someone who has taken your Strategic Attraction™ planning courses, is a fellow photographer and a great friend, and what could be better than having fun, exchanging information and energy and focusing our creative energy on a shared goal. We’re energetic and enthusiastic and really think that we have something that could further us in our career goals!”  –  Beryl Striewski – Beryl Striewski Photography

Alex Ramsey“The Attracting Perfect Customers program was pretty potent. You deliver more than just another good business training. I received a much deeper awareness of what it really means to complete what appears to be a very simple step by step Strategic Attraction™ Planning process. Like many great things, there are layers of depth uncovered here and the nuances, the shifting of focus that you helped me with, I might have missed and never gotten on my own. I couldn’t have asked for anything more important right now.” – Alex Ramsey – President and Founder LodeStar Universal

Will Mathews“I have a passion for helping people and organizations break through to the results that they really want, and recently I have been pushing way too hard and it was such a release for me to read and internaize your Perfect Customers Attraction Tip this morning. I love your Strategic Attraction™ planning wisdom. It is a valuable tool for anyone in coaching, sales, and marketing. To your continued success!” – Will Matthews – SecondWindPerformance

Peta Heskell“This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It’s encouraging, motivating and the process is simplicity itself. (It) really helps you to focus on what specifically you want to attract into your life. Adaptable for anything you want to attract.” — Peta Heskell, The Flirt Coach – AttractionAcademy

Regie Odom“The Strategic Attraction™ message showed up in my email box one morning.  At the time I had begun deeply exploring spiritual law and attraction as the basis of filling my coaching practice, as well as developing a model for my coaching work. My work with Perfect Customers has been powerful and refreshing, has deepened my own belief in and commitment to the work with the Law of Attraction. The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process is truly a work of simple and profound genius.”- Reggie Odom, LICSW, CPCC, inspired works coaching

Trudy Van Buskirk“I sat down and created my first Strategic Attraction™ Plan after reading the whole book. (Then,) I made a couple of calls to people I had identified in my visualization.  I got a call back from one of them — my NEW perfect customer! I’m so excited about what I will manifest next. Thanks so much for putting a ‘system’ around what I believe and teach and for making it easier for people to learn it – I’ve told all of my students that it’s THE book they should go out and buy next.” – Trudy Van Buskirk, author of “Winning Women”.

Heather SmithII“With The Attracting Perfect Customers Strategic Attraction™ Planning process I was able to stand up and own who I was, it was as if for the first time the truth was being told. The truth about who I was, and who I am for other people. It was a very powerful…exercise.” – Heather Smith

Laura Vermilya“The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process literally changed the way I do business, and I am so grateful.  In fact, in less than 30 days, I increased my revenues 21% plus received an additional $1,990 in unexpected income.  My business has grown into one that is perfect for me, one that is attractive to people I want to serve.   By using the message and techniques, I have transformed my thoughts and actions to attract the results I want for my business and my life.”- Laura Vermilya, Business Coach

Melody Ivory.jpg“Your Attracting Perfect Customers guidance gave me exactly what I needed to create a short marketing piece. It expressed exactly what I do so powerully that when I stood up and shared, everybody’s mouth dropped, it set a whole new standard for me sharing my business. After the lunch people were flocking to my booth. I also took to heart all the enlightened marketing guidance you gave me in the class and I totally got what makes me tick. I was so excited by this clarity that I think it seemingly, magically, began to radiate from me ‘like a lighthouse’. However, the most powerful piece for me was when I used your ‘Branding From The Heart’ process and I created a 60-second ‘commercial’ from what makes me tick and combined it with the powerful metaphor you shared with me. It set a whole new standard for 60-second marketing pieces, and after the lunch people were flocking to my booth.” – To your attractive success, Dr. Melody Ivory

Teri Johnson“Attracting Perfect Customers provides a practical and spiritual approach to bringing in clients and customers who are a perfect fit for the kind of work I want to do. The exercises walked me through getting very clear about the kind of people I want to work with, how to let go of those that aren’t a good match, and how to attract customers, partners and situations that I really want.” -Teri Johnson, C.P.C.

Tom Heuerman“I like the simplicity of the Perfect Customers Strategic Attraction™ model.  The step by step exercises have helped me think in a more creative way. As a result, my new web site represents me and the work I do more authentically. It even refers to who my perfect customer (my target market) is and what I want them to expect from me, and several new customers have referred to this wording on my site as being what attracted them to me.” – Tom Heuerman, Ph.D., Writer/consultant

“Though no stranger to the Law of Attraction and the dynamic results possible when one’s energy is properly aligned, my experience of working with the Attracting Perfect Customers – Perfect Mate e-Planning Guide has taken me to a new level of self discovery as it relates to perfect partnership.  Four key points come to mind.”  – Casandra Clark

Nita Keesler“As a Massage Therapist, my experience with Attracting Perfect Customers has been absolutely amazing. I love the lighthouse metaphore. It is so liberating to remember I don’t have to chase after customers to build my perfect practice. My business coach recommended the book Attracting Perfect Customers, and I did the Strategic Attraction™ plan for my business right away. I notice when I review it everyday, I am more true to myself and I attract more perfect customers. A few years ago I was having my website designed and at one point the web designer told me my business website was “too personal” and most of the content should be left for a ‘personal’ website. My mission is to help people feel mpowered. I applied the attraction planning principles and attracted a new web designer who was a more perfect fit for me and he did a fabulous job. Many of my perfect clients found my website and came to me because—it was so personal and they got to know  “me” before they met me. ‘To thine own self be true’!” – Nita Keesler – Back-in-Balance

Victoria Pendragon“I am a teacher of Feng Shui and other Intuitive Sciences. A member of my Master Mind group introduced us to Attracting Perfect Customers. Needless to say, I am familiar with the foundation you have so well worked to produce this wonderful book. I have spent years working with the concepts that you have woven so  beautifully together to create your very effective model. I want to thank you not only for taking the ideas of visualization, affirmation and goal setting to a whole new level … also for being so much in the integrity of what you preach. I will be sharing information about Perfect Customers and the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process at my next conference.  I so enjoy providing people with wonderful sources that can enhance their development. Thank you!”– Victoria Pendragon – The Art of Transformation

Kim Martin“I have just finished reding Attracting Perfect Customers. I loved it! Though I have been working with the Law of Attraction as my operating system for a couple of years, your Strategic Attraction™ Planning process has provided the missing link to be able to apply it to my business– in a way that fits so well it feels effortless. (That is a word I have never used to describe marketing or biz building!). So many lightbulbs have gone  off, I’m blinded by the intensity.” — Kim Martin – LifeSolutions Coaching

Sheri Fermanich“My friend Lisa told me about Attracting Perfect Customers:The Power of Strategic Synchronicity. Lisa and I have been friends since high schoo. We are success partners and we share resources and goals weekly. Ibelieve in intention (abundant thinking and attraction) and practice that everyday. I am a real estate broker and a professional coach. I like the business application and concrete aspect of writing a Strategic Attraction™ Plan and I am using it in my real  estate business. Today is a perfect example.  My clients need an August 30th closing to get their new house. It is August 15th so most people would have given up. However, a relocation buyer came who liked it and just needed her husband to come from China today to decide to buy it. They need to close by August 30! I successfully sold the house with the terms my clients needed. All the result of attracting the buyer by using your Strategic Attraction™ Planning process to be more clear and specific about what we needed and believing it is already a deal.” – Sheri Fermanich – SellBuildBuy

Paul Mckaskell“WOW! What a great practical tool for applying the universal law of attraction!

I am a business coach, consultant and trainer specializing in Sales Coaching and Business Development for small  organizations. I have been practicing my Strategic Attraction™ Plan and sharing it with my clients for many months now. It has “supercharged” my 15 plus years of “training” in how to prospect and close a sale, and I am now ‘attracting’ more perfect clients, in fact, currently, I have NO bad clients. None, not one!” – Blessings to you. Paul McAskill –  The Compass Points

Nancy Romano“During the time I was participating in the Attracting Perfect Customers program I was also working with a business and life coach and found the combination of the two very powerful. The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process helped me reach the core spiritual and basic level of what is most important to me in my career and my life. I have created a powerful new business and marketing plan for my career. This plan is taking my business to new heights and rewards that I have only dreamed of in the past. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” – Nancy Romano, New York Life Agent, Houston,TX

Sheryl Westergreen“I love Attracting Perfect Customers! Thank-you for writing it. Completing the exercises on my perfect customer energized me to create the first issue of VisionACT E-zine, which I had been thinking about for over a year. I also appreciate your Attraction Tips. I love new smart practical business, career, and personal growth processes like the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process and I tell all of my clients about it.” – Sheryl Westergreen, MA, LMHC, VisionAct

Deanna Rutherford“Hi there…I have been reading Attracting Perfect Customers, using the Strategic Attraction™ plan and sharing it with my perfect customers, and now I want to share with you just how magnificent it is. When I want to stem the flow of coaching clients I stop refining my plan and when I want to open the valve again, I simply start reading and refining it again! My clients who use it this way to manifest say it works without fail. Thank you so much for creating and sharing such a simple but powerful tool for creating all that I desire.” – Deanna Rutherford

Jim Jenkins“I agree that the LAW OF ATTRACTION keeps perfect customers aligned with your business–from first –  hand experience. I had one of my coaching clients go through the process of making her plan  and for a while she was great. Then a few months later she started complaining about her customers  again to me. I asked her if she was looking at her plan every day and she said “Well, no. I have  gotten so busy lately that I stopped looking at it. I haven’t read it in weeks.” It was then that she  realized why she had started complaining about her customers. All of them showed up within days of  not reading her plan, so the energy she was using to attract perfect clients was no longer there.Once she made her plan a daily habit again, things worked out fine. As for me, I have been reading and refining my Strategic Attraction™ plan for a long time now and I still continue to get my perfect clients.  Recently I hung up a lighthouse painting on my wall and I have gotten a LOT of offers to be a columnist for some Internet magazines on a regular basis. When you work your plan and show the world that  you’re lighthouse, great things don’t just happen, they will find you! Believe!”- Jim Jenkins, Frederick MD