Next class starting Wednesday, October 4, 2017

All Classes held: WEDNESDAY’s
10 am Pacific / 11 am Mountain / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern / 7 pm Europe
Duration: 90-minutes each

Class 1: ~ October 4 ~ Program Overview; Introductions; My New Community
Class 2: ~ October 11 ~ Types of Relationships; SAP Step One
Class 3: ~ October 18 ~ Integrating & Use of Step One
Class 4: ~ October 25 ~ SAP Step Two; What Makes You Tick
Class 5: ~ November 1 ~ Deeper Dive into What Makes you Tick
Class 6: ~ November 8 ~ Integrating & Use of Step Two
Class 7: ~ November 15 ~ SAP Step Three; Practical & Magical
No Class Thanksgiving Week
Class 8: ~ November 29 ~ SAP Step Three; Paradigm Shifting Transformation
Class 9: ~ December 6 ~ Integrating & Use of Step Three
Class 10: ~ December 13 ~ SAP Step Four; BEE-ing & Step Five: Attractive Actions
No Class December 20th or 27th
SACAT Live + ZOOM-In Mastermind ~ January 3rd – 4th*
Class 11: ~ January 10 ~ Integration & Personal Use of Strategic Attraction Plan
Class 12: ~ January 17 ~ Step Five: My Next Attractive Actions; Certification Options

There is more to life than cubicles and trading your time for dollars. If you are ready to get off the Career Building Merry-go-round and start exchanging your true brilliance for more money, perhaps it is time for you to BEE SACAT Savvy . You can get started immediately for as little as $197.

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The SACAT Training is based on a logical, practical and unique marketing model that is the catlalyst for a new sales and marketing reality. It’s a new way of thinking that fundamentally shifts the way we do business.

Introduced in the global Best Selling books: Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity, and BEE-ing Attraction: What Love Has To Do With Business and Marketing. Strategic Attraction™ Planning is a step-by-step process for strategically applying the natural and universal Law of Attraction to the sales and marketing of your business.

The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process is designed to be used by business owners, coaches, speakers, authors, energy healers, Internet marketers, and sales professionals to get clear and focused exactly who is a perfect customer for YOU. Until you are clear who your perfect customer is, it’s too easy to waste time and energy wanting to help everyone, but unable to. The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process changes the way you make choices in your life and business by exercising your core muscle of making choices based on what’s most important to YOU. The natural result of this “marketing mind shift” is specific, measurable, and seemingly ‘out of the blue’ results showing up in your, and your clients, life and business.

The program is delivered in A Full Year – 12 months of Training, Support, and Community Connections starting with 12-Weekly Training Calls for the first 3 months and including 12 – Monthly SACAT Community Connection and Education calls.

Plus on-line email support from Jan and Alan, a Facebook Group connection with the entire Global SACAT Community, and a life changing 2-Day Live Certification Event held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

You can register at anytime, and receive instant access to our state-of-the-art on-line SACAT membership resources including: teaching resources, class recordings and documents. A product – “Attracting 5 New Customers in 5 Weeks” – you can offer immediately to your own clients. On-line Attractive Resources with over 25 downloadable books, e-books, and documents to give you immediate and long term support in the areas of, Sales & Marketing, Personal Growth, Wealth, Affluence, Health and Well-being.

Sharing the Strategic Attraction Plan is Satisfying and Fulfilling

“Up until now I have been working mostly on my own SAP, however, last week I set up two formal
sessions in which I shared Step One and Step Two. After the first call they were surprised by what they discovered.
One of my participants said, WOW! I didn’t know this was my perfect customer, and on the second call, which was
about What Makes Me TICK, it was so moving. There was this profound space. I now see that it is different when I am doing the SAP with other people… asking questions, listening deeply, using my intuition such that they can find themselves.

One person got what makes her TICK is, ‘Holding the Sacred and Reverential space in which others can find what is important to them. When she got that she saw that was everywhere in her life. I now see that I enjoy this. It is very satisfying and fulfilling.” – Brij Masand

PLUS, for those of you who understand that speaking is the most critical strategy for establishing credibility, attracting more prospective clients, and making more money, however, you think you don’t know what to say, at networking and speaking events, we have 5 “Signature Talk” topics for you, along with titles, outlines, and step-by-step instructions how to speak honestly and authentically. At networking meetings or speaking events, you need to stand out from the rest. To be seen, be heard, and be hired, you need to know how to say something different, something that people have not heard before, AND, it has to be something that is instantly and universally recognized as something they want.

If it weren’t for the SACAT program, I would still be wondering…

Marge Piatak“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your ideas, support and encouragement. From the time I signed up for the SACAT program, I knew it was the perfect thing to do. Everything has unfolded at the perfect time even though at times I felt like I was going in circles, and it is still unfolding. If it weren’t for my work in the SACAT program, I would still be wondering how I could create my perfect business. You are the catalyst that helped transform my passion and desire to help people and their pets from a concept into reality.” – Marge Piatak – Founder of Conscious Pet Connections, and Creator of the Picture Your Perfect Pet Plan

Be part of our Global SACAT Community. Be a part of building the foundation for fundamentally transforming the way business is done in the world. Be a part of attracting a global community of 6 million people who are using the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process to awaken their full potential, create more health, wealth, happiness, love, prosperity, money, peace, passion, and satisfying relationships in their business and personal life.

If that resonates with you…
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One-on-One Strategic Attraction™ Mastery Laser Coaching

What’s Your Dream?

The Perfect Customers SACAT PLUS – Mastery Laser Coaching Package is a significant investment, one that will transform your business and your life. If you are ready to feel good about marketing your business and exchanging your true brilliance for more money,  here is a comprehensive 12-month one-on-one business mentoring and coaching program custom designed for you to achieve your business mission.

This for you, if you want that personal one-to-one support and you can say:

  • I have customers who are paying me now, and I want more.
  • I am no longer willing to sit back and wait (hoping!) for good things to happen.
  • I am ready to take a hard look at what I am doing and what I can do differently.
  • I take 100% responsibility for my life and my results.
  • I operate my business from a Spiritual Core with the highest integrity.
  • I’m ready to face my fears, and play a bigger game NOW.
  • I’m ready, willing, and open to be supported in achieving my success.
  • I honor my commitments.

Included is:  One-to-One Coaching with Jan and/or Alan to create the business game you will play for the next 6 months. It’s the same personal connection to us you experience during the SACAT training, yet it’s focused on you.

Plus it’s not a one-size-fit’s all program, because you get to create a customized game to play for your business, program or project. You’ll have the first (2) sessions to create it, then a sequence of supportive One-to-One Laser Coaching sessions to achieve it.  As a BONUS you will be able to participate with the other SACAT MASTERY team players in a Monthly Master-Mind call.

I can’t put a price on what happened; It was the greatest gift of my life!

Victoria Travis“I purchased the Perfect Customers Mastery Laser Coaching package because I wanted to expand my executive recruiter and career coaching services, however, I never could have anticipated that choosing my 18 year old grandson as a ‘training partner’ would produce such a remarkable, deep, mature, connection with him. I can’t put a price on what happened. I shared the Strategic Attraction™ plan for attracting his perfect debating team partner. It was like the greatest gift of my life when he said, with a smile on his face, “Grandma thank you for doing this, I Can’t wait for our next session”. It was so beautiful, he got like 5 eureka’s! This is the experience you want to have with any relationship you want to grow.” – Victoria Lee Travis, M.S., CPC President Travis and Associates

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