Does any of this resonate with you?

Jan 3369* I want to have a heart-centered business, however, I can’t seem to take it to the next level and attract a steady flow of perfect customers.

* I have customers who tell me I have a great offering, however, I don’t feel comfortable marketing my own work.

* I don’t think i’m good at selling – I feel like I’m being pushy and I should be giving it away.

* I’m very good at getting what I want, however, I get flooded with ideas, and I often don’t know exactly what it is that I really do want or what I want to do next.

* I feel tongue-tied talking about money and asking to be paid what I am worth.

Too many traditional marketing and business advisers say, that to book clients you have to do it their way – you have to be manipulative and pushy and then they teach you what they learned from someone else.

Nothing could be further from the truth or more inauthentic!

I’m Jan Stringer, and I believe that successful selling is a natural result of successful marketing, and my definition of marketing is – “Building Relationship”!

The catch is many of us never learned the difference between SALES… and MARKETING.

And that’s where most people get stuck!

I can’t ask you for money (SALES), until I have made a connection with you and taken the time to build enough relationship (MARKETING) with you to know if I can truly help you.

And, here’s the real catch, no matter what, I will not be comfortable or successful in trying to sell my product or service to anyone if I have not taken the time to build relationship with myself enough to know the real value of what I am offering and its benefit to others. If you have a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction (doubts), and you are attracting “another doubter”, they magnify your doubts!

The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process is what has been missing. You have to have a strategy for discovering what is unique and special about you, your unique message, your brilliance, and you have to have a plan, and a strategy that is a perfect fit for you to share your message.

Authentically sharing your unique message is what makes you irresistibly attractive to your perfect customers. That is what has you be seen, heard, remembered, hired and referred! They may not know what it is about you, however, they know they want what you have!

IMAGINE feeling at ease speaking about your business at networking meetings or to large groups of people.

IMAGINE a large % of the people you do speak to becoming Lucrative Loyal Raving Fans who hire you and feel so connected with you, and served by you, that they send you referrals just for the joy they receive from seeing you be successful.

IMAGINE discovering what is honestly unique and brilliant about you and believing so completely in the value of it, and its benefit to others, that you can’t wait to quote what you are worth to anyone who will listen!

That is what is available to you in this free Attracting Perfect Customers E-Guide.

And it’s a process.

  • It doesn’t happen in one session.
  • It doesn’t happen on its own.
  • You can’t do it alone!

If you know that there is more to life than cubicles and trading your time for dollars. If you are ready to get off the Career Building Merry-go-round and start exchanging your true brilliance for more money… then perhaps you are ready to become Strategic Attraction™ in Action Savvy. Get your FREE E-Guide Report – Click Here Now!

Your Perfect Customers Attraction Team Jan H. Stringer and Alan Hickman